Abbia Kulu


Reviving economies through century-old cacao forests.


Apricots and Berry Fruits With a Toasted Coffee Finish

About the farm

Over 100 years ago, German settlers planted cacao forests that still stand in central Cameroon, resulting in new varieties that deepened the flavour profiles of traditional West African beans. Today, Robert Mbilongo and neighboring farms keep their ancestor’s traditions alive by using agro- forestry to protect these trees and produce their premium Abbia Specialty.

About the Partnership

Through financing, organic certification, and post-harvest training programs, Jigoro is helping farmers revive their local economy. And by supporting their harmonious agroforestry methods, we’re encouraging sustainable cacao production and will be assisting locals in replanting previously deforested areas in the surrounding communities.

Try a Sample

Coming soon: we're currently restructuring our sample stock, send an email to teameurope@cacaolatitudes for more information on when orders will be open again.

Bean Profile

  • Genetics: Trinitario
  • Size: Average Size, Varied Size
  • Fermentation: Central Fermentation, Wooden Boxes
  • Drying: Solar Drying

Flavor Profile

  • Floral: ○○○○
  • Fruit: ●●●○
  • Nut: ●○○○
  • Chocolate: ●●○○
  • Acidity: ●●○○

Ordering Information

  • Hand Sort: Yes
  • Bag Size: 65 kg
  • Certifications: None
  • FOB Price: $4,850 EUR / MT
  • Availability: Europe
  • Harvest Season: July - December
  • Annual Harvest Volume: 25 MT (Annually)