Step 1

Origin Farmer

We’re in constant communication with our origin farmers and partners to track the volume, harvest season, and fermentation process of every bean we offer.

When your order is placed, our team gets to work securing quantities from farms/co-ops, negotiating export terms with local agents, and handling all the logistics involved with shipping, payment, and quality assurance.

Step 2

Export Agent

We work side by side with the local export agents and associations responsible for collecting and preparing all beans for export. This partnership includes overseeing export documentation, checking bean quality, prepping and loading shipping containers, and making sure your beans are delivered in a timely manner for transport.

Step 3

Destination Importer

Once your beans leave their origin country, we work with destination importers to facilitate a smooth arrival. This includes ensuring all documentation is ready when the shipping containers arrive, as well as managing the inspection process that allows your shipment to enter the country.

Step 4

Local Storage

If you’re not ready to use your beans right away, our relationships with local warehouses ensure your beans are stored in climate-controlled conditions optimal for keeping your shipment fresh.

Step 5

Chocolate Maker

When you are ready to use your beans, you let us know, and we work with our warehouse partners to coordinate the logistics of delivery to your door (or business warehouse). From here, it’s all up to you and your chocolatey imagination.