What is the difference between specialty, premium, fine/flavor and commodity/bulk cacao?

Although they are commonly used, these terms have not been fully standardized. From a market perspective, commodity cocoa beans are ones that are traded on the commodity market while other types of cocoa (specialty, premium, fine/flavor) are sold through smaller exchanges. The International Cocoa Organization states, “The difference between fine or flavour cocoa and bulk cocoa is in the flavour [sic] rather than in the other quality factors. Fine flavours include fruit (fresh and browned, mature fruits), floral, herbal, and wood notes, nut and caramelic notes as well as rich and balanced chocolate bases. Most major chocolate manufacturers have premium quality chocolate products in their range, which require fine or flavour cocoa from specific origins in their recipes for the distinct taste or colour of their chocolate.” Specialty cacao is typically cultivated from cacao known for distinct flavor characteristics and is processed with a higher level of time and effort with the intention of receiving a premium above the bulk commodity market price.


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