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Meet the Team

Kate Cavallin

General Manager

London, England

14 years in industry, since 2007

Favorite Bean:

Mono Bravo, because of its chocolate nutty goodness.

Favorite Way to Eat Chocolate:

Brownies baked with the excess cacao leftover from the labs.

Favorite Field Memory:

Riding horseback to visit the picturesque cacao cooperatives on her first day with the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic.

Team Superpower:

Making lists, checking things off, and persevering through obstacles to turn dreams into reality.

Justine Chesnoy

Commercial Manager - Europe

Marseille, France

15 Years in Industry, since 2006

Favorite Bean:

Piura Blanco, because of its sharp and surprising acidulé.

Favorite Way to Eat Chocolate:

Spooning it from a mélange on the farm that harvested the beans.

Favorite Field Memory:

Experiencing the breathtaking landscapes of the Dominican Republic and soaking up the positive energy of our partner farmers.

Team Superpower:

A relentless can-do attitude and endless energy to get things done (powered by chocolate, of course).

Jamie Paradise

US Head of Sales

New York, NY

< 1 year in industry

Favorite Bean:

Palo Santo because of its balance

Favorite Way to Eat Chocolate:

In freshly baked cookies

Team Superpower:

Analysis and adaptability while employing a "get it done" mentality.

Rich Falotico

Commercial Advisor

New York, New York

16 years in industry

Favorite Bean:

Mexican fermented, because of its strong pungent acidity.

Favorite Way to Eat Chocolate:

Dark nibs paired with a great up of coffee.

Favorite Field Memory:

Visiting the mountain gorillas with a partner chocolate maker in the Congo’s Virunga National Park.

Team Superpower:

Bringing experience, wisdom, and perspective when navigating the complex landscape of the cacao market.

Jose Altamirano

Trade & Logistics Coordinator

Guayaquil, Ecuador

5 years in industry

Favorite Bean:

Zorzal, because of its mix of citrus and chocolate flavors.

Favorite Way to Eat Chocolate:

Melted on bread.

Favorite Field Memory:

Venturing deep into the Ecuadorian jungle to observe the operations and traditions of a remote community of cacao farmers.

Team Superpower:

Providing rapid and reliable support on all things exporting with a “no task is too small” attitude.

Valentina Bosia

Quality Specialist And Sales Representative

Amsterdam, Netherlands

7 years, 2016

Favorite Bean:

Zorzal, I've fallen for its fresh complexity.

Favorite Way to Eat Chocolate:

I love a cup of hot chocolate on a winter night

Favorite Field Memory:

Bringing chocolate that I have made to the farmers who grew the cacao. Tasting it together and discussing their impressions felt like a long journey coming full circle.

Team Superpower:

Sensory analysis and bean-to-bar making experience. Once a chocolate maker, always a chocolate maker!

Tara Durieux

Olwyn Hayes

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