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Our Philosophy

Raising the bar across all latitudes.

Cacao Latitudes is rooted in a mission to unite passionate chocolate makers with extraordinary cacao that leaves a positive impact. We build direct and long-lasting bridges that connect artisans to spectacular, sustainable, and socially conscious cacao, reducing the distance from bean to bar and beyond, while supporting farmers and environments crucial to producing unique and flavorful origins.

By uniting craft chocolate artisans and responsible growers with trust and transparency, we’re elevating the global value chain and making it easier for amazing cacao and amazing values to travel hand-in-hand across all latitudes.

The key principles that define the company are transparency, regeneration and reciprocity


We place a strong emphasis on transparency and traceability throughout the value chain. By sharing the journey of the cacao, from its origin to the final product, every actor involved in the chain can improve their practices. Cacao Latitudes works with cooperatives, social enterprises, and local or international partners who buy directly from farmers and often provide more than commercial support in their communities. The focus is on creating a network of trust and transparency, ensuring that every actor in the value chain is within their strength to enhance their practices.


We believe the world is ours to protect for future generations. We are proud to support origin partners in initiatives such as reforestation, wildlife and habitat protection, and climate change mitigation efforts. We go beyond conventional buying practices by paying conservation premiums on top of fixed prices, providing local communities with the means to finance their development projects.


Reciprocity means mutual benefit. The price we agree to pay for our cocoa is significantly higher than the price of certified organic and fair trade cocoa. But this is just the start. By maintaining constant communication with our origin partners, understanding their ability to supply and paying stable prices, we contribute to more income security and stability for our partners and their growers – fostering a relationship of mutual benefit.

Help us make an impact.

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