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Cocoa Masterclass Launches in Ghana

March 15, 2024

In a groundbreaking collaboration between the Cocoa Masterclass and Three Mountains Cocoa, a pioneering initiative is set to immerse participants in the vibrant world of Ghanaian cocoa cultivation, processing, and market dynamics in the heart of West Africa. Launching in Ghana, this unique educational experience transcends traditional cocoa courses, offering a comprehensive exploration coupled with hands-on training and cultural immersion.

The Cocoa Masterclass, developed collaboratively by Cacao Latitudes, promises participants an unprecedented opportunity to witness Ghanaian organic cocoa production firsthand. With a curriculum designed to integrate classroom sessions with practical training, the course covers a wide range of topics including cacao’s botany, history, global production, forest conservation, plant management, processing techniques, trading logistics, market analysis, and quality evaluation.

Distinguished industry professionals lead the instructional team, boasting a combined century of experience in the cocoa industry across more than 35 countries. Among them are Sarah M Bharath, Kate Cavallin, Justine Chesnoy, Greg D’Alesandre, Kristy Leissle, Leslie Agyare and representatives from the Ghana Wildlife Society.

Participants will have the chance to visit key institutions and sites relevant to cocoa production, including Three Mountains Cocoa , Ghana Cocoa Board-COCOBOD , the Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana, the Tema Port, and more. Additionally, an optional add-on tour along the Ghanaian coast allows attendees to explore the cultural richness of the region.

The Ghana Cocoa Masterclass goes beyond conventional education,” says Leslie Agyare, Founder of Three Mountains Cocoa. “It offers a holistic approach to understanding the complexities of cocoa production while immersing participants in the rich culture and heritage of Ghana.”

The course is scheduled to take place from June 23 to July 1, 2024, with an optional add-on from July 1 to July 4, 2024. Prices start at $5600 for a shared room and $6200 for a single room, with discounts available for local participants.

For more information and registration details, interested parties are encouraged to visit the Cocoa Masterclass website or contact the organising team directly by email info@cocoamasterclass.com

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