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Solomon Islands

Guadalcanal Blend

Solomon Islands

Ensuring the continuity of viable agricultural practices amidst climatic changes. Balsamic citrus, honeyed sweetness, and a finish of black tea, port wine, and cloves.


About the farm

Indigenous farmers on the island of Guadalcanal make full use of the potential of their tropical climate and fertile volcanic soil, cultivating cacao alongside native coconut trees, root vegetables, and hardwood. They adapt to the challenges posed by global warming, being among the first to face the consequences as island communities, and strive to make the best use of their resources to ensure sustainable agriculture.

About the Partnership

Our local partner, Cathliro Commodities Development Ltd., is leading the efforts to create enhanced economic opportunities for indigenous farmers on Solomon Islands. Through initiatives that address local deforestation and by providing support for agroforestry projects focused on cacao cultivation, these farmers are empowered to sustain a viable ecosystem on their farms while simultaneously promoting biodiversity in the region.

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