Palo Santo Cacao Pulp

About the farm

Just a sea breeze away from the Ecuadorian coast, a family-owned plantation has been perfecting its cacao production for three generations. While Esteban Jr. manages a deliberate post-harvest process that’s been refined over the years by his father, inside, you’ll find Maria and Claudia handling the business side of this bustling and innovative farm.

About the Partnership

We’ve supported their expansion from a family farm into a modernized operation that’s bringing their passion for cacao to the world. Through access, logistics, and marketing, we further their message that cacao is beautiful in every form, from its decorative pods, to its delicious pulp, to its beans that become the chocolate we all adore.

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Bean Profile

Cacao puree is the mucilaginous white pulp surrounding the cacao beans.
  At the time of harvest, the white pulp surrounding the cacao beans is separated, pasteurized and packaged.

Flavor Profile

Tropical and tart with hints of lychee, guanabana, citrus and banana.

Ordering Information

Pasteurized cocoa fruit mucilage (pulp) is available to purchase in 90 gr / 500 gr pouches. Maintain at 15°C / 20°C away from direct light. Once opened keep refrigerated and consume within 48 hours. Please contact to order.