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Democratic Republic of Congo


Democratic Republic of Congo

Preserving the habitat of rare mountain gorillas. Exquisite Chocolate With an Earthy Tang

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Coming soon: we're currently restructuring our sample stock, send an email to teameurope@cacaolatitudes for more information on when orders will be open again.

About the farm

In the buffer zone of the breathtaking Virunga National Park, hundreds of smallholder farmers work biodiverse lands that have become home to the last mountain gorillas on Earth. Sadly, one of the most naturally rich regions of the world has eroded into one of the poorest as locals stand at odds with outsiders looking to exploit the area through deforestation and poaching.

About the Partnership

By facilitating cacao sourcing from a usually inaccessible area, our partners are able to provide increased income and directly bolster Virunga’s flora and fauna conservation efforts. Our local NGO partner provides various training courses including leadership training for hundreds of local women. With Original Beans we’re investing back into the community to improve the lives of farmers and their families.

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