Chuncho Urushayua


Rescuing one of the oldest & aromatically richest cacao in the world.


White Flowers, Cherry and Creme

About the farm

Years ago, this rare genetic varietal was on the edge of extinction due to growing numbers of abandoned farms. Thanks to our interest and chocolate makers support, farmers saved these trees from being lost forever, and now over 90 families are actively growing this uniquely flavored bean.

About the Partnership

We work with Original Beans and several local organizations to economically incentivize the growth of this scarce and vital varietal. By giving the community the resources necessary to reforest their cacao farms and improve the ecosystem, we can preserve this endangered cacao and promote cacao diversity in the long run.

Try a Sample

Coming soon: we're currently restructuring our sample stock, send an email to teameurope@cacaolatitudes for more information on when orders will be open again.

Bean Profile

  • Genetics: Chuncho
  • Size: Very Small Beans, Varied Size // 100 g for 123 beans
  • Fermentation: Central Fermentation, Wooden Boxes
  • Drying: Elevated Mesh Drying Beds with Covered Roofs

Flavor Profile

  • Floral: ●●○○
  • Fruit: ●●●○
  • Nut: ●●●●
  • Chocolate: ●○○○
  • Acidity: ●○○○

Ordering Information

  • Hand Sort: Yes
  • Bag Size: 66 kg
  • Certifications: Organic
  • FOB Price: $5,750 USD / MT
  • Availability: Europe
  • Harvest Season: January - April
  • Annual Harvest Volume: 40 MT (Annually)
  • For US orders, please visit our Chocolate Alchemy webpage