Cuencas del Huallaga


A new outlook for organic and fair trade cocoa in the Peruvian Amazon.


Gingerbread & pineapple cooked in rum

About the farm

400 meters above sea level in San Martin Peru, an association of 400 farmers carefully tend to their crops, cultivating high quality, fairtrade, organic cocoa. Operating across Ucayali, Campanilla and San Jose de Sisa, the reach of Cuencas del Huallaga is broad. Their support is inclusive to farmers who would have had no other choice but to sell to the small middle men at low prices.

About the Partnership

Partnering with Cacao Latitudes, the Cuencas del Huallaga Cooperative have unlocked the potential of their flavor profile and are now proud to be part of the specialty market. Michel, Melvin and Jessica are the core team of this cooperative, whose dedication drives the focus on changing the lives of their members for the better. This association helped to finance technical investments to improve quality and production volumes as well as prevent deforestation and have extensively mapped their members’ farms.

Try a Sample

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Bean Profile

  • Genetics: Hybrids Trinitario ICS 95 & CCN51
  • Size: Small, Medium, Large
  • Fermentation: Centralized
  • Drying: Sun Dried

Flavor Profile

  • Floral: ○○○○
  • Fruit: ●●○○
  • Nut: ●●●○
  • Chocolate: ●●○○
  • Spice: ●●○○
  • Acidity: ●●●○

Ordering Information

  • Hand Sort: No
  • Bag Size: 62.5 kg
  • Certifications: Organic & Fairtrade
  • FOB Price: $3,200 USD / MT
  • Availability: Europe
  • Harvest Season: April - June, September - November
  • Annual Harvest Volume: 1500 MT (Annually)