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Category: Education

Sourcing Masterclass Niveau Intermédiaire 2024

La Masterclass sur l’approvisionnement en cacao à Nantes s’adresse aux chocolatiers et aux professionnels de l’industrie au prestigieux Manoir Claudine – La Châtaigneraie, du 15 au 17 mai. Cet événement [...]
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London Cocoa Sourcing Masterclass 2024

The Cocoa Sourcing Masterclass in London is set to engage chocolate makers and industry professionals at the prestigious London School of Coffee, from May 9th to May 11th. This exclusive [...]
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Cocoa Masterclass Launches in Ghana

In a groundbreaking collaboration between the Cocoa Masterclass and Three Mountains Cocoa, a pioneering initiative is set to immerse participants in the vibrant world of Ghanaian cocoa cultivation, processing, and [...]
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Cours Sourcing Cacao

From the very foundations of the soil to the final creation of delectable chocolate treats, each moment of the process has its own details that can affect the quality of [...]
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The Cacao Masterclass: Zorzal 2023

Our first Cacao Masterclass took place in the Dominican Republic, graciously hosted by Zorzal Cacao. A deep dive into cocoa growing, processing, and markets, along with basic quality evaluation, this [...]
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